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Rs 79.00
Nourishes skin, gives luster and radiance Restores skin elasticity and makes it soft & smooth. Good moisturizer, helpful in reducing dryness, effects of aging and pollution
Rs 150.00
Nourishes hair roots Prevents hair loss Promotes hair growth Provides smooth and lustrous hair
Rs 135.00
Detoxifies the body Helps in weight management Good for hair & skin health Improves digestion Balances tridosha
Rs 120.00
Rich in Vitamin C Nourishes the body tissues Improves digestion Good for hair, skin & eye health Protects against infections
Rs 155.00
Increases appetite by stimulating digestive secretions Normalises the digestive process Prevents Ama formation It helps in the elimination of toxic substances Relieves gas, acidity, and bloating JIVA AMLA PACHAK CHURNA IS VERY EFFECTIVE, SAFE, AND 100% NATURAL
Rs 135.00
Provides excellent hair nourishment Rich source of vitamin C Restores hair’s natural color Helps retain hair moisture
Rs 199.00
Relieves joint and muscular pain Controls swelling and inflammation of joints Reduces stiffness and tension Strengthens the bones and muscles
Rs 145.00
Prevents hair loss and dandruff Nourishes the hair follicles Prevents premature baldness Useful against premature greying
Rs 155.00
Strengthens immunity Revitalizes and rejuvenates the body Replenishes dietary deficiencies Delicious & comprehensive Ayurvedic protection
Rs 150.00
Prevents hair loss and dandruff Checks premature greying Treats itchy scalp Moisturizes the hair
Rs 100.00
Natural sunscreen Protects skin from UV damage Rich source of vitamin E, A, and D Provides skin nourishment Restores skin elasticity Makes the skin soft and smooth JIVA CARROT CREAM
Rs 195.00
Immunity support for all age groups Protects against viral & bacterial infections A rejuvenating and anti-aging tonic Antioxidant properties that help nourish brain cells Supports the digestive system Enhances overall strength & well-being
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