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Rs 175.00
Hair is the first noticeable part of a women’s beauty. You may look dull if they are not in good state but they can also make you look flawless when they are perfectly set. An effective anti-hair fall solution that arrests hair fall Nourishes hair and prevents excessive oiliness Promotes improved health of the scalp Aids to cleanse hair whilst clearing...
Rs 75.00
Cleans teeth & freshness mouth instantly. Relieves tooth pain and strengthens gums. Highly effective in pyorrhoea, bleeding gums and bad breath. Relieves mouth ulcers and cleans stains stains of tabacco. ideal for sensitive teeth.
Rs 75.00
Provides relief in dental pains Strengthen teeth and gums Acts as antiseptic and has antibacterial properties Helps in gum tightening and has anti-inflammatory properties Keeps oral cavity in healthy state and freshens mouth It is ideal for sensitive teeth as it provides complete protection Helps removes plaque and tartar
Rs 135.00
Provides excellent hair nourishment Rich source of vitamin C Restores hair’s natural colour Helps retain hair moisture
Rs 145.00
Prevents hair loss and dandruff Nourishes the hair follicles Prevents premature baldness Useful against premature greying
Rs 150.00
Prevents hair loss and dandruff Checks premature greying Treats itchy scalp Moisturizes the hair
Rs 175.00
Prevent premature greying and hair loss Treats scalp infections and dandruff Contains neem, a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent Nourishes hair and removes impurities
Rs 150.00
Nourishes hair roots Prevents hair loss Promotes hair growth Provides smooth and lustrous hair
Rs 80.00
Freshens and tones the skin Restores skin’s pH balance Cleanses dirt and toxins Good for all skin types
Rs 80.00
Freshens and tones the skin Restores the pH balance of skin Provides lustre to dull skin Cleanses toxins from deep skin pores Prevents infections of skin.
Rs 95.00
Works as a natural and mild cleanser Removes oil and dirt without irritation Useful in removing makeup Cools and hydrates the skin
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