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Rs 275.00
Removes free radicals and detoxify, Stocks iron and calcium for strong bones, Increases blood, and purifies. It Controls obesity, Works against diabetes, Its a daily dose of nutrition, Should be taken in constipation. Hair problems and heart diseases.
Rs 200.00
It helps to boost the immunity level of the body Helps in the treatment of obesity It helps to improve the digestive functioning of the body
Rs 300.00
Helps in contipation  several benefits of Bhumi Amla for liver, the herb is also helpful for all kinds of problems related to the digestive system. It boost the digestive system of your body.
Rs 300.00
Extremely useful in diabetes. Best in all skin problems. Boosts immune system. Purifies blood naturally. Good for eye sight. Reduces effect of diabetes on eyes.
Rs 160.00
Mukti Gold Hairwash is a herbal shampoo that strengthens the hair while leaving it soft and bouncy. It has a cell repair formula, which repairs the hair quality and helps in rescuing the hair roots. It helps in maintaining long, lovely and strong hair. It is very effective in controlling dandruff if used with Mukti Gold Juice Oil for Hair
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